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character shoes

Bloch 2 Inch Heel (Black or Tan)

Bloch 2 1/4 Inch Heel (Black or Tan)

Capezio Men's Character Shoe

Please see photos below for examples. Some styles come in different colours that aren't shown below. Please call us to find out if we have the colour you are looking for. 


Bloch Lace Up

Boch Neoprene Slip On (Black or Tan)

Bloch Slip On (Black or Tan)

Bloch Enduro Slip On (Black or Tan)

Foot Undeez

Capezio Freeform (Black or Tan)

Half Sole shoes (Tan) in leather or canvas


Capezio Patent Tap

Capezio Mary Jane (Black or Tan)

Capezio Tapster

Capezio Hoofmaster

Capezio Premiere Single Screw

Capezio Split Sole
​Capezio Tapsonic


Capezio Stretch Canvas

Sansha Ballet (Black or Pink)

Bloch Split Sole Leather

Bloch Full Sole Leather

Capezio Full Sole Leather

Johnny Brown Gym Slipper (Black or Pink)

Dance Shoes


Our shoe supply may vary from season to season. Please call us for stock and pricing.

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